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Hanging Decorative Flower Baskets

Decorative Flower Baskets

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“I can’t tell you how many people have said to me, “where do you get those hanging baskets that are all over the city?”  I do tell them that Newport in Bloom, consisting of citizen volunteers, takes care of them throughout various parts of the City.

As Mayor, I am so proud when somebody comes into the office or on the street to tell me how good they feel seeing so many hanging floral arrangements.  Our gratitude to the many volunteers from Newport in Bloom for their years of work in beautifying  Newport.”

– Jeanne Marie Napolitano, Mayor, City of Newport

Our Decorative Baskets include 140 Baskets hung on lamp poles on Bellevue, Touro, Washington Square and Long Wharf. We also plant the “Parklet” by Empire Tea and Coffee on William Street. 

We’ve been hanging lush, beautiful baskets for 40 years, including 2022. This is our most expensive venture, due to the growing of the baskets and the daily watering. We rely fully on donations from local citizens, local businesses, and a small contribution from the City. The baskets are hung Memorial Day weekend and come down Columbus day.