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Free Daffodil Bulb Giveaway

Free Daffodil Bulb Giveaway

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We will be doing a daffodil bulb giveaway at the Broadway Street Fair on
Saturday, October 12, 2024 from Noon-4:00pm.

Thank you to all who picked up 37,500 FREE daffodil bulbs at our 2022 Bulbapalooza‘s and then planted throughout the Island.
Depending on how much in donations are received this year, our next Free Bulb Give-away is scheduled for
Saturday, October 20, 2024 from 10am-1pm.


Since the FREE daffodil giveaway began ten years ago, our bulb prices have gone up 50%!
Your donation is needed – now more than ever so that our Give-Away tradition can continue.

There are two ways to contribute:

(1) Click on SUPPORT US on the tab above, then DONATE

and scroll down and click on Daffodil Sponsor for on-line donations

(2) Mail your contribution to


PO Box 773, Newport, RI 02840

Thank you for your support in beautifying our Island

Fields of dazzling yellow daffodils each April herald a return to much anticipated brighter days for all. The generosity of our sponsors and donors allows for Newport in Bloom’s annual “gift to the street” – the Daffodil Bulb Give-away each fall. Each October, Newport in Bloom volunteers hand out bags of Dutch Master daffodil bulbs to eager Aquidneck Island residents, neighborhood associations, and nonprofit organizations to plant in their own front yards and public spaces. Each bag contains 2 dozen bulbs with a retail value of over $15! 

The purchase of bulbs is made possible through tax-deductible donations to Newport in Bloom throughout the year and by the generosity of our Daffodil Days sponsors.

The bulbs are given away free to Aquidneck Islanders who plant them, along with the City of Newport, the RI Bridge and Turnpike Authority, schools, gardening clubs, non-profit organizations, and volunteers. Each and every April, greater Newport explodes in bright golden hues – a magnificent sight throughout the Island. In fact, some call us the daffiest city in New England!

How to Plant

Select a site that offers full or part sun. Most daffodils tolerate a range of soils but grow best in moderately fertile, well-drained soil that is moist during the growing season. The daffodil bulbs you receive from Newport in Bloom are known as “Dutch Masters.”

  1. From October through December, identify bright, sunny areas.
  2. Dig holes 5” deep. Holes should be a foot apart.
  3. Place 4-5 bulbs into each hole – pointed ends up.
  4. Cover with soil.
  5. Minimal watering will suffice.
  6. Let them hibernate for the fall and winter.
  7. Come April, enjoy!


After the blooms fade

It’s important that you leave the plants alone until the bloom dies off and the green stems turn brown before you cut or trim them. They need time after blooming to store energy in the bulbs for next year’s bloom. Let them hibernate throughout the winter. Come next April – and years after – enjoy! Daffodils are perennial, and deer squirrels and rodents won’t eat them.