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Newport, long noted for its historic preservation is also a city of diverse economic and multi-cultural elements. The awards ceremony for our citywide garden competition celebrates this diversity. Our award winners are not professional gardeners, but neighbors who feel a sense of enormous pride by having produced a garden that enhances the local enviornment.
The 1982 garden contest has grown from a residential neighborhood competition to a citywide enterprise that also includes award categories for large and small businesses and special category awards, such as, Family Housing, Senior Housing, and Best Newcomer. 120 awards were given in 2016.
In addition to the above, our signature and most noteworthy contribution is the “Bellevue in Bloom” project. Approximately 100 iron baskets specially designed to match the Victorian lamp posts run the length of the City’s most famous Boulevard. These baskets are custom designed, planted and maintained from Memorial Day through Columbus Day weekend by our organization. This is a costly undertaking and we depend on donations to fund our expenses. Thanks to local businesses and individuals, we are able to meet our financial needs thus allowing us to continue offering this service.


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