Committee Members

The organization is composed of twenty-one core committee members and several volunteers who participate in various special projects.  We have no salaried personnel.
We do not have directors, a staffing pattern or any strict division of responsibilities, just a fun group committed to beautifying Newport.

Chairwoman, Kiki McMahan

Ann Meredith Joan Hauerstein
Brenda Sisson Joan Jacobs
Cheryl McLarney Lynne DaRos
Diane Daddario-Pfautz Marie Morris
Elaine Williams Mary Berlinghof
Ellen Patterson Maxine Bornstein
Ellie Flowers Patricia Campagna
Felicidad Zeballos Shelley Kraman
Janet Hayes Stephanie Hoerrner

Colin McCabe — Webmaster

*Barbara Richter

*Malinda Shea

*Rose Northup

*We would like to thank the above for their continued assistance and support of the program.

New members are heartily welcomed and encouraged.  Please sign up or request information on our contact page.

Newport in Bloom

PO Box 773

Newport, RI 02840

Email: Newport in Blooom